The Camp Delaware Project

During the late 1960's my father was contracted to maintain and repair the communication systems for Camp Delaware, a summer camp located in Winsted, Connecticut. He would take me along as his helper, establishing my first paying job. It required setting up WWII hand crank field phones and large tube amplifiers for the public address system.

Today a few things have changed, but much of it looks the same. We were always there off-season, mostly in the spring, so I actually never saw the camp with any of the occupants. The smell of mothballs and oil paint far overwhelmed the smell of spring. Chairs and tables under tarps, boats shored, and wires hanging down from trees from the winter snows. Wires down was good for us, it meant work.

Camp Delaware was established in 1921 and today is named Greenwood Trails. I can not thank the current owner, Owen Langbart, enough for letting me relive a tiny bit of my happy childhood memories.